Frequently asked questions & common issues

- Linking Discord

Linking discord is necessary to be able to use #towny-chat and In-game voice section.
If you are having issues with this process try using vanilla client.

Step 1:
Use command /discord link in game to recieve your 4 digit code

Step 2:
Send the 4 digit code in private message to Towny Chat Bot

Step 3:
Linking is complete. Your Discord account now is connected.

- Town Ranks

Towns Ranks consist from 7 ranks. Town Mayor and Co-Mayors are able to assign these ranks with command
/t rank add [residents name] [rank name]
This Section will describe these ranks in detail.

Mayors are able to completely control the town and everything that is happening in town.
Full access to town commands.

Co-Mayors are assigned by Mayor. They have nearly all commands as mayor except few:
Changing mayor/ Removing all town residents/ Town renaming/ Town merging/ Town deletion

Assistant rank has abilities of Trusted rank aswell as access to
/plot commands and ability to /t unclaim town plots.
Assistants are the lowest rank to access resident claimed plots.

Trusted rank has combined abilites of Builder,Recruiter,Sheriff.
Additionally they can do command /t claim to claim plots for the town.

Builders are only able to build or destroy in non-claimed plots of the town.
Builders can't access resident claimed plots in any way.

Recruiters can only invite new players to town with /t invite and nothing else.

Sheriffs are able to jail other town members.